Sub Committees

NAPT Committee Representation (1/2015)
Tony Provin – Chair (SERA-6)
Christoph Kessel – Chair-Elect (Canada, private sector)
Scott Fridlund – Past Chair (Western, private sector)
Lucas Baker – (Northeast, private sector)
John Lee – (North Central, private sector)
Pauric McGroary – (Southern, private sector)
Frank Sikora – (SPAC)
Bryan Hopkins – (WERA-103)
To Be Appointed – (CSSS Representative)
To Be Appointed – (NCERA-107)
To Be Appointed – (NCR-13)
To Be Appointed – (Regulator)
To Be Appointed – S889 Chair, ex-officio
To Be Appointed – (SSSA Representative)
John Davis – USDA-NRCS, ex-officio
Joshua McGrath – SSSA Nutrient Mgmt Division Chair, ex-officio
John Lawley – Contract Lab, ex-officio
Grant Cardon – Coordinator, ex-officio
Harold van Es – SSSA Executive Committee, ex-officio
Susan Chapman – SSSA Staff, ex-officio

NAPT Sub-Committee Assignments (1/2015)
Frank Sikora – Chair
Bryan Hopkins
Pauric McGroary

Bryan Hopkins – Chair
John Lee
Pauric McGroary
Tony Provin
Frank Sikora

Budget and Evaluation
Tony Provin – Chair
Susan Chapman
Pauric McGroary

Membership and Outreach
John Lee – Chair
Lucas Baker
Christoph Kessel
Grant Cardon
Susan Chapman
Nate Ehresman

PAP Committee
Bryan Hopkins – Chair
Scott Fridlund
John Lee

Committee Documents
(includes Timeline/Contract)
Tony Provin
Christoph Kessel
Scott Fridlund
Susan Chapman